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Engagements purposefully designed for your growth

Executive Coaching

One-on-one engagements designed to challenge and support leaders in expanding beyond their current habits, perspectives, and leadership skill sets. These engagements include inner and outer work and are strategic and tactical, reflective, and action-oriented to ensure you have the space to pause, reflect, and learn with exercises for practical application.  An assessment of behavior, motivation, and interests is used in conjunction with 360-degree feedback in order to provide deepened insight.

Engagements are typically a minimum of six months, including weekly or biweekly sessions.  Some example contexts:

  • Seasoned senior leaders or owners who need a sounding board on business, people, and team topics
  • Leaders with significant or growing responsibilities who want to lead their teams at their best
  • Highly promotable individuals who would benefit from targeted feedback and support to prepare for the next role

Team and Group Coaching

Team Coaching: We utilize an assessment to provide insights to help intact team members understand each other, communicate and work effectively together and build an environment where the whole team can excel to achieve business results. We can conduct this in a stand alone session or over a longer engagement period, and these engagements often include a mix of individual and team sessions.  

Group Coaching: We guide leaders from different parts of the organization through an assessment and follow up with regular group coaching sessions focused on leadership and personal development topics relevant for the group. 


We discover what makes you extraordinary. Uncovering your greatest strengths and your untapped potential, we align those with the goals you have for yourself and those that your company has for you. Assessments are used in combination with specific services but can also be conducted in standalone fashion where we would conduct your debrief session.

  • 360° Feedback: We utilize the evidence-based Leadership Circle Profile as well as conduct interviews and administer custom tailored questionnaires to give leaders a thorough review of their current strengths, development opportunities, blind spots and potential.
  • The Birkman Method is our firm’s preferred personality/style assessment. This is a powerful instrument that combines behaviors, motivations, and interests, uncovering insights on how you and others act and react in real life situations.
  • We do support other assessments that may be preferred by organizations worldwide – Insights Discovery, DISC, etc.

Coaching for Offsites & Retreats

Offering individual coaching sessions and/or assessments as part of a larger leadership meeting, development program or retreat can be a highly effective way to help leaders integrate the learnings and discussions while also tackling their individual goals and challenges. 

Fractional Chief People Officer/VP HR

 A “fractional” Chief People Officer/HR Executive is responsible for overseeing all (or partial aspects – depending on the needs of the business) of an organization’s Human Resources function on a part time basis. We can be hired on a project or retainer basis.

Start-Up and Small/Mid-size Companies

You are not ready to have a full time Senior HR Executive on your management team but need someone with that experience to provide HR Leadership to your organization.

Large Company

You have an HR Executive vacancy due to growth, leave of absence, or other reason and need an experienced HR Executive to “drop-in” and support your organization during the gap in coverage.

HR Coverage Areas

Some of the areas we provide HR Leadership to your company include:

  • Talent and Leadership Selection & Development
  • Employee Onboarding & Employee Experience
  • Career/Job Mapping
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Surveys & Action Planning
  • Organizational Design & Layoffs/Restructuring
  • Employee Relations

Custom Program

Do you have a need that is not listed here?  Contact us and we can either design a custom program with you or refer you to one of our known contacts.


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